Deep Relax, Restore & Revitalise Guided Meditation Sessions

Deep Relax, Restore & Revitalise Guided Meditation Sessions

I offer hour-long weekly sessions over Zoom to guide you into a place of deep inner stillness and nourishment.  These sessions are for you if you want to de-stress, reduce anxiety and tension or simply experience deep, pampering – much

Mindful Life One-to-One Sessions

Mindful Life One-to-One Sessions

Are you feeling anxious, stressed, stuck or perhaps in need of finding a new, more rewarding way forward? I worked with a client who was feeling overwhelmed by work and also had a recent physical injury, on top of which

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

If you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), getting the right kind of support can be invaluable. You may feel things much more intensely than others and easily become overwhelmed.  You may also go through life thinking there’s something wrong with

FREE initial consultation to discuss your needs, issues & hopes.

Currently sessions are delivered over Zoom, Skype & the telephone. Face-to face sessions will be available in Stroud when it is possible to do so.

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‘'I find your sessions extremely calming and renewing, they give me the time and space to resource myself again. Hearing your voice, which is so gentle, soothing, kind & compassionate and offering permission to just allow things to be, is always so liberating. And I sleep so well afterwards!’’

Regular Participant of Mindful Life Meditation sessions

‘Coaching with Nicky is always a very empowering experience. The coaching has revolutionised my relationship with a key member of staff, as well as the way that he and I will conduct business in the future. I would unequivocally recommend Nicky as a coach, and have no doubt that her approach could help anyone work more effectively toward their goals in both their professional and personal lives.”

Matthew Pierce Publisher, Future Publishing

‘Nicky’s great strength as a coach is her deep and compassionate listening for all her clients. She has a rare ability to get straight to the heart of what a client’s real needs are – revealing truths that might have been hidden for some time. I heartily recommend Nicky – I have benefitted enormously from her commitment to help guide and encourage me to reach my fullest potential.’

Theresa Sansom Coach & Facilitator

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