Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Living with challenging health issues, stress and low energy? Or do you simply need to make a change in your life? As a qualified Health Creation Coach, I offer high impact Health and Wellbeing Coaching and Mentoring. It is designed

Mindful Life Coaching

Mindful Life Coaching

Change stuck patterns, achieve insight, resolve anxiety or gain clarity about your purpose & direction. Working with a unique blend of  relaxation, guided meditation and coaching, the Mindful Life coaching process is deeply transformative.  I support you to quieten the chatter of

Freedom from Stress

Freedom from Stress

A fresh approach to Wellbeing at Work If you are keen to reduce stress levels and boost productivity in your organisation, you’ve landed in the right place. Freedom from Stress will help you cut down on time lost through stress-related illness.

If you want to work with me, I would love to hear from you.

Let’s talk and make sure that we are a good match; after all the chemistry has to be right. There is no cost or obligation for an initial consultation. I work face-to-face in Stroud (Gloucestershire), within organisations as well as over Skype and the telephone.

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‘Nicky was friendly and informal but very focused and kept us all on task! An excellent blend of creative self-empowerment and practical guidance – rare to find both in a single workshop.’

Participant, BAAT

‘Coaching with Nicky is always a very empowering experience. The coaching has revolutionised my relationship with a key member of staff, as well as the way that he and I will conduct business in the future. I would unequivocally recommend Nicky as a coach, and have no doubt that her approach could help anyone work more effectively toward their goals in both their professional and personal lives.”

Matthew Pierce Publisher, Future Publishing

‘Nicky’s great strength as a coach is her deep and compassionate listening for all her clients. She has a rare ability to get straight to the heart of what a client’s real needs are – revealing truths that might have been hidden for some time. I heartily recommend Nicky – I have benefitted enormously from her commitment to help guide and encourage me to reach my fullest potential.’

Theresa Sansom Coach & Facilitator

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