If you are struggling for gift ideas, why not give something more meaningful to someone you care about, or how about treating yourself?
Giving someone a Mindful Life session will enable them to experience relaxation and transformation at the deepest level.
Experience the value of Mindful Life. (live link)
Perhaps your partner, a friend, a family member is struggling at the moment. Or are they considering a change of some kind, or have they even had a big change forced upon them?  You can give them something that will truly help and nourish them. And what about you?  Perhaps you need some pampering or some support where the focus is purely on you and your needs?

It is great to receive a gift of something we love or need on the material level.  But what about a gift that goes further, supporting and touching us at a core level?

The Value of Mindful Life

Mindful Life sessions are particularly poignant because they take you into deep peace and relaxation. You will feel like you are taking a holiday from your day-to-day life. One client described feeling like she had been to a spa, though without having to spend a considerable amount of time, money and effort traveling anywhere.
As well as feeling a delicious sense of wellbeing, the value of a Mindful Life session is that it will give you professional support.  It can be for any area of your life or work and at any level, including health concerns.  Some clients like to be taken into a very peaceful state and simply see what comes up for them. Others like to be more proactive and explore themselves and uncover answers to questions, dilemmas, negative habits or problematic relationship issues.
During a Mindful Life session, I am supporting you to calm your nervous system down and, activating your body’s natural healing function which is why these session feel so regenerative and are particularly good for addressing health and stress issues.
Whatever transpires during a session, in my experience what the client experiences is the most relevant, appropriate and often the most healing for that person at that particular time.

Contact me now if you want to develop a Mindful Life: I offer Gift Vouchers for Mindful Life sessions.
A single session is £50 or a block of three for just £125.
Make a real difference for someone you care about and give them the opportunity to live a Mindful Life,

Give a Meaningful Gift