me-sitting-sylvainA highly experienced and skilled coach and facilitator, I bring depth, humour and creativity to all areas of my work.

If you want to work with someone who has integrated a rich life and work experience with the capability to meet you on multiple levels, we might well be a good match.

I am down-to-earth yet spiritually connected; highly creative yet business-minded; intellectual and thoughtful yet playful and young at heart.

Here’s a brief tour through my life and work to give you a feel of my experience, skills and passions;

  • Meditation came into my life in my early twenties. It inspired me to live in a Buddhist Monastery for a while.  Meditation and spirituality have been very important threads in my work and life ever since.
  • Despite getting a first class degree I pursued an unconventional career path.  It has included; training and working as a Masseuse, working in various spiritually based communities, being a key player in a business experiment to bring wellbeing and spirituality into the workplace.
  • I went on to apply this deeper understanding more widely to business; initially working in business communications for a progressive giftware company, then for a corporate training consultancy.
  • I subsequently set up my first business, running my own successful business communications company.
  • Formally training as a coach fifteen years ago, I began integrating my spiritual, psychological and business experience into my work.
  • I trained and performed in improvised theatre a few years.  This inspired me to set up a training company, delivering theatre-based training to organisations that ran alongside my coaching work.
  • A connection to the earth has always been central to my life. I love immersing myself in the countryside, growing my own food and respecting the planet on which we live.  My young daughter is central to my life and reminds me continually to play, create and to stay ever open and curious

My work is informed by:

  • Western psychological schools of thought
  • Numerous coaching models & methodologies
  • Meditation practise & processes
  • Eastern spiritual traditions
  • Bodywork in the form of yoga & massage therapy
  • Improvised theatre & creative media.

‘I think that Nicky’s coaching is a very good example of a naturally holistic approach – blending practical, pragmatic support with a wider sensitivity and a creative, intuitive understanding.  I particularly appreciated her strong awareness of the key patterns behind my work and aspirations. She managed to link into a sense of my work quickly and to respond with both practical and creative suggestions. I found her feedback, both clear and sensitive but also never shying away from honest challenge, which opened up some new and very helpful areas for me to pursue.’ 
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