If you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), getting the right kind of support can be invaluable. You
may feel things much more intensely than others and easily become overwhelmed.  You may also go through life thinking there’s something wrong with you.
 Others may have told you that you are too sensitive, take things things to heart too much or that you overreact.

Highly sensitive people are very much in the minority, making up 15 – 20% of the population. Given that most of our social structures, working environments and cultural norms are based on the majority whose sensitivity levels are very different than those of the HSPs, it is easy to feel alienated or over-stimulated.

You may well be highly sensitive if you:

  • Need plenty of calm, downtime in your life to recuperate and process
  • Struggle with loud noises
  • Tend to find crowds and big cities overwhelming
  • Find conflict, confrontation and aggression very disturbing
  • Absorb others’ emotions easily, often leaving you feeling confused or overwhelmed
  • Need much longer to adjust to change – even if it is positive.

If you are sensitive to this degree, you may benefit from extra support. My deeply relaxing and calming approach tends to suit HSPs very well.  The meditative state I induce in sessions – and help you to access for yourself – will encourage endorphins to release and flood into your system and will soothe any emotional, mental or physical disturbance.

I support you to slow your nervous system down so that you can rebalance more quickly and deeply.  Nurturing this gentle, loving connection to yourself will impact you positively in numerous ways: people I work with generally feel an increased level of balance, wellbeing and, over time, develop greater resilience.

Research has revealed that the brains of highly sensitive people are wired differently, thus there is a physiological reason for the increased level of sensitivity you might experience.  And because of your physiology, you will always be very sensitive, but there is tremendous value in feeling this acutely and deeply. Having the right kind of support and developing the tools to work with your nervous system can help you appreciate the depth and the joys that can come with being so very highly sensitive.

Contact me to talk through any issues you may have, the initial consultation is free of charge: nicky@nickyferry.com;

Thanks to Nicky’s still, flexible and forward-moving guidance, resolving my issues became a joyful and seemingly effortless quest inside myself with stunning results. Her easy and natural way of leading me into a relaxed, mindful place during the coaching gave me the freedom to look at solutions without judgment. I came away feelingvery relaxed yet surprisingly energised. I recommend her to anybody who wants to initiate change from the heart.” Nicole 

I am a columnist for local newspaper, The Stroud News & Journal, read my article on HSPs: Stroud is full of Highly Sensitive People