Freedom from Stress: A fresh approach to the understanding & transformation of stress.

We support organisations to:
⦁    Boost performance & productivity
⦁    Improve the health & wellbeing of their staff
⦁    Maintain staff retention & reduce time & money lost to stress-related issues.

Our work is underpinned by the latest thinking in neuroscience and it draws on a comprehensive understanding of meditation and mindfulness.
We take an experiential and creative approach.  Why? Because it is a powerful way to engage and uplift people.  Working with the whole person experientially also creates more effective and lasting change.  By providing practical tools that are simple to use and most importantly are effective, you can look forward to a happier workplace with less stress, more resiliency and a healthier bottom line.

Whilst we tailor our events and interventions based on the specific needs of your organisation, its unique culture, challenges and strengths, our core services include:

Freedom from Stress Training & Development Event

We invite participants to consider key areas of both stress and resiliency as well as their aims for the day, prior to the event with a short questionnaire. Working with groups or specific teams, a daylong event enables us to creatively inform participants about the science of stress.  We also provide experiential exercises that work effectively and enjoyably to reduce stress and increase awareness and resilience.  The group is immersed in a creative, intellectual and meditative experience that is both stimulating and relaxing.  As well as focused activity, participants spend time on thoughtful reflection, individual learning and action planning.
Participants will come away from the event with:

  • A clear understanding of how & why they become stressed
  • A direct experience of effective & practical relaxation & resilience techniques
  • An experience of working on key areas of personal stress in pairs & small groups
  • Comprehensive handout material that provides further relaxation & resilience tips.  This includes suggested reading as well as on-going self-care & positive action planning.

Two-Hour Freedom from Stress Workshop

Working with smaller groups over a short period is ideal for time-pressed individuals and teams. We set the tone and prepare participants with a short questionnaire prior to the workshop. The purpose is to draw out participant issues, needs and aspirations. By creating an intimate and open atmosphere that can even be run over a lunchtime, we find much can be explored and achieved in a two-hour time frame. Participants will leave with direct experience of relaxation techniques and the opportunity to work on a key area of stress. This work is supported with handout material. This provides further relaxation and resilience tips, suggested reading as well as on-going self-care and positive action planning.

One-to-One Freedom from Stress Coaching

Freedom from Stress Coaching is highly effective when delivered following a Freedom from Stress event.  It embeds  learning and supports individuals to instil healthy, new habits. The coaching process works to take people deeper. It provides more focus to shift old, unhelpful habits and significantly enhance clarity and resilience. Individuals are supported to feel relaxed yet empowered, inspiring them to be at their very best.
Freedom from Stress Coaching can also be provided as a powerful and practical stand-alone intervention for busy individuals or when group-work is not appropriate.
Inevitably, if whole teams or managers are empowered through the Freedom from Stress training and coaching process, the benefits can be significant.  Personal development will clearly support positive effects for the individual. But also the development of healthy, resilient behaviours and attitudes initiated on a broader level, can transform an entire organisation, to create a culture of high performance and positive wellbeing.

The Team

Freedom from Stress is run by Nicky Ferry who works with a number of highly skilled and experienced associate facilitators and coaches, each specialists in their field.  She builds her team according to the needs of each organisation that she works with.
Nicky has a strong business background and has been working as a coach and facilitator for fifteen years. She is a qualified in a wide range of approaches and methodologies and has been studying and practicing meditation throughout her adult life. She receives consistently excellent feedback for the training events that she designs and delivers as well as from her coaching clients.  Her training and performance in improvised theatre brings a uniquely creative and engaging quality to her work.

Jo McAndrews is a lead consultant and facilitator for Freedom from Stress.  She is an experienced training consultant and qualified psychotherapist.  Over the last twenty years she has worked with a wide range of organisations designing and delivering inspiring and satisfying training programmes and events. She is experienced in facilitation, supervision and coaching and brings an empowering and thoughtful approach to those she works with. Jo’s background in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy and storytelling ensure a lively and creative approach to training.






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