Living with challenging health issues, stress and low energy?
Or do you simply need to make a change in your life?

As a qualified Health Creation Coach, I offer high impact Health and Wellbeing Coaching and Mentoring. It is designed to inspire you to make healthy changes and live wholeheartedly.  This approach suits people who need structure and support.  The programme runs over a six-month period and includes written materials, exercises and diagnostics.  It supports you to make positive change and clearly shows up areas of your life where you are depleted as well as those where you are thriving.

Coupled with my experienced coaching, The Health Creation Programme supports you in a clear, enjoyable and effective process.  You will be taken on a journey to revive your body, mind and spirit.

I will nurture and guide you until you are strong enough to nurture yourself and excel in your life. We will work together to rekindle your power and passion for living.

The Health Creation Programme includes:

STEP 1 – The Health & Wellbeing Revival

Over the first three months you will revolutionise your diet, fitness, and energy levels.  You will be supported to rid yourself of stress, low self-esteem and self-sabotaging behaviour.

STEP 2 – The Life Revival

Over the second three months you will journey to the heart of your reason for living.  With my support, you can rearrange your lifestyle around your most dearly held values, your self-expression and fulfilment, coming fully alive again!

Thanks to Nicky’s still, flexible and forward-moving guidance, resolving my issues became a joyful and seemingly effortless quest inside myself with stunning results. Her easy and natural way of leading me into a relaxed, mindful place during the coaching gave me the freedom to look at solutions without judgment. I came away feeling very relaxed yet surprisingly energised. I recommend her to anybody who wants to initiate change from the heart.” Nicole Dargent

Enrol today for Health Creation Proactive, developed by Dr Rosy Daniel, Founder of Health Creation.  She is one of the most highly regarded Integrated Medicine Consultants in the UK, particularly in the field of cancer medicine.

Health Creation Proactive costs £490 incl. VAT which includes:

  • The three months’ Health Revival Programme
  • The three months’ Life Revival Programme
  • Monthly Coaching and Mentoring sessions
  • Substantial Programme materials that include:
    • Illuminating and enjoyable exercises
    • CDs containing guided processes and mediations
    • Extensive information drawing on many of the major holistic health, personal development and wellbeing thought leaders that will help you to make real, practical and inspiring change.
    • A directory of the key therapeutic, health and holistic living organisations and industry bodies to help you get all the support and inspiration you need.

Contact me now to book an initial FREE 20-minute consultation: Tel: 01453 766 334/07974 446 780