Change stuck patterns, achieve insight, resolve anxiety or gain clarity about your purpose & direction.

Working with a unique blend of  relaxation, guided meditation and coaching, the Mindful Life coaching process is deeply transformative.  I support you to quieten the chatter of your mind and soothe day-to-day stresses and preoccupations.  This enables you to access what is true and right for you. The process typically leaves you feeling remarkably relaxed, refreshed and clear.

I have developed Mindful Life Coaching over a number of years drawing on extensive practise and research in meditation as well as my considerable experience and training in the field of coaching. This pioneering approach works deeply and surprisingly quickly.  It can powerfully transform entrenched, difficult patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings.

A recent client’s experience:

‘I reached unexpectedly great outcomes unexpectedly quickly, and loved Nicky’s approach.  Mindful Life mixes coaching and relaxation/meditation in ways I’ve never seen before.  It’s like the mental equivalent of a spa holiday (though much less time consuming!).  I’ve no doubt this unique mix will become increasingly widely used, since it’s indisputably effective and refreshing, but for now Nicky’s a brilliant outlier whom I highly and confidently recommend.’

What makes Mindful Life Coaching so effective?

Numerous studies have shown that as people relax more deeply, the nature of their brainwave patterns change.  Also the parasympathetic nervous system is activated.  And as your brainwaves slow down and change you are able to access deeper aspects of yourself. This in turn, boosts your body’s own, natural self-healing capabilities.  This explains why so many people typically have their best ideas relaxing in the bath or out on a run.  Why? Because they have usually let go of their thinking, cognitive function.  It also explains why many people report feeling revived and refreshed after even a short meditation session.

Do I need to have meditation experience?

It is not necessary to have any experience of meditation to work effectively with the Mindful Life coaching process.  However, many people find that a Mindful Life session significantly enhances any meditation experience that they may have.  This is because when you are in the presence of another person who is encouraging you to relax and is completely focused on you,  it creates a deep level of safety.  By holding the space and asking you relevant questions,  I support you to let go.  Clients tell me that they can open up more significantly than when they meditate or think through an issue on their own.  In my experience, whatever the individual uniquely needs will inform whether they experience clarity, healing and transformation at a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level.  Typically clients come away from a session feeling much clearer mentally, as well as experiencing a deep sense of peace and resolution.

Local newspaper sends one of their journalists for a session, read more about his experience:

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