A fresh approach to Wellbeing at Work

If you are keen to reduce stress levels and boost productivity in your organisation, you’ve landed in the right place. Freedom from Stress will help you cut down on time lost through stress-related illness.  It will also boost the overall performance and energy levels of your people.

Be an attractive employer of choice. Evidence shows that if you acknowledge and address the presence and impact of stress you will improve performance.  Your people will also feel more valued and are very likely to be more committed and remain loyal longer.  You will reduce churn and as a result decrease your recruitment expenditure.  We work with groups and individuals using our unique Freedom from Stress Model.

We combine this with a wide range of practical and creative tools, that are as effective as they are empowering.

Choose from a range of services and packages to resolve the unique issues facing your organisation, including:

  • Day-long Freedom from Stress Event
  • Two-hour Freedom from Stress Workshop
  • One-to-one Freedom from Stress Coaching.

To find out more about how we can help you, go to For Organisations.

The Freedom from Stress Model

Freedom From Stress Model