You might be sceptical about how effective and personal remote coaching can be. When I first trained, I was.  However, I have found coaching over Skype and the telephone to be surprisingly intimate and powerful for my clients

The benefits of remote coaching

Remote working has many advantages; it cuts out the travel and gives you the freedom to be in any environment where you can comfortably relax. You simply need access to a phone or a computer.  Some clients find working remotely can help them focus more fully on themselves.

I have coached people in Europe and India as well as throughout the UK.  Busy clients often like the flexibility of blending face-to-face with remote sessions.  Some clients I have never met in person, yet our our work has been deeply effective and transformative.

Recent client, Kimberley said of our telephone sessions:
‘I accessed a new ‘place’ which I hadn’t reached before during regular coaching.  We always worked over the phone yet we built up a trusting relationship very quickly, and Nicky managed to get me to relax into a deeply meditative state.
I found it hugely relaxing, energising and enlightening.  I was able to work at a much deeper level that I ever have before.  This helped me to make some important shifts in areas that I was struggling with – particularly around identity, self-worth and care (as a Mum of 3 young kids).
I  have experienced many different styles of coaching but I can wholeheartedly say that Nicky brings something fresh and new that deeply opened me up, leaving me feeling full of energy and enthusiasm.  She works with a humour and lightness that make even the ‘heavier’ work feel enjoyable.’

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