Are you ready for change? Do you want to live in a more joyful and fulfilling way?  If so,  you are probably ripe to work with me.

If you are unsure, ask your self if you would like:

  • More confidence or resources to do what you really want to do
  • Support to start or expand your business
  • To be more relaxed & empowered
  • To have more energy, health & wellbeing
  • Support with the big changes you are going through
  • A deeper spiritual connection or to develop your creativity
  • More abundance & prosperity in your life.

I offer two types of coaching:

Power to Change

Power to Change is a unique and powerful coaching process.  It  connects you quickly to your empowered self (some people call this your subconscious, others your soul or true self).  Using guided relaxation and meditation, I enable you to access your own answers and inner knowing. Power to Change is not hypnosis and you will remain conscious throughout.

During the session, most people sink into a profoundly relaxed and clear state.  From this space you are able to easily and simply address issues that are standing in your way.  You may even resolve concerns that you have been wrestling with for a long time.

How do I know if Power to Change is right for me?

Over the years, I have worked with a vast array of issues; from questions about business development to deep emotional blockages and very serious health conditions.  I have found that people long to let go. By giving you the permission to deeply relax, it allows for answers, resolution and healing to effortlessly take place.  In short, I have not yet encountered an area this process doesn’t work for.

If you are wondering about more pragmatic support; my coaching also incorporates practicality and works on a cognitive level if and when you need it.  It is very powerful to blend the deeper work with more conventional coaching methods.  For example, we may explore ideas, to discover new ways of developing your work or place in the world.
You may need to identify core values or address limiting beliefs to generate a clear vision of what you would like to achieve.  We would then set about identifying and setting in motion clear steps to make your goals a tangible, exciting reality.

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

My health and wellbeing coaching is a structured, six-month process that has been designed by Health Creation. This comprehensive, holistic Health Creation Programme introduces you to exciting and informative tools, process and approaches.  It has been specifically developed to help you bring health, vitality and joy into your life.  You have the chance to use diagnostic tools that reveal specifically what areas of your life are thriving and those where you need support.

How do I know if Health & Wellbeing Coaching is right for me?

This coaching approach is perfect for anyone needing a structured process.  It involves taking in information, completing exercises and it provides you with monthly coaching sessions.  The programme is supported with authoritative and interesting materials drawn from the key thought leaders in the field of holistic health.  It also includes CDs to help you relax, energise and take you on guided experiences to find your true purpose in life.
It has been put together and developed by Dr. Rosy Daniel, an acclaimed international Integrative Medicine Doctor, formerly the Medical Director of The Bristol Cancer Help Centre.

Why work with me?

There are very many coaches, therapists and practitioners to choose from and it is crucial that you choose someone who you feel understands you and enables you to flourish.  I would recommend an introductory conversation to make sure that we are a good match.  There is no charge for this 20-minute consultation and no obligation if you do not want to continue.

Over the years, clients have consistently told me that working with me, has left them feeling clear, confident and empowered.  Many experience a sense of fulfilment and peace, especially those who work with me at a deeper level.  But find out for yourself: Call me now to book your FREE initial consultation: 01453 766 334 or contact:

‘Nicky is a remarkable coach. She has a deceptively calm and gentle style that conceals a very focused and perceptive observation of my behaviours.  Nicky is tenacious in holding my agenda, and keeps inviting me to move forward when she senses there is more for me to gain.
She has a very clear and direct style: asking questions that help me to new insights about what is really important, offering thought provoking observations when appropriate.  And she is confident and generous enough to go with me wherever the issue takes us.  I thoroughly recommend her as a coach – her commitment to my learning and growth surpasses my experience of other coaches.’

Peter Ginnings, Non-Executive Director, London